Would you try blue cheese and port kaikigori?


In the gracious shade of the ginkgo tree from which its name derives, you’ll find Ichounoki, a proudly incongruous kakigori shop. Rather than redefine shaved ice or play with variations on a theme, Ichounoki simply throws the rulebook out the window altogether. Would you like blue cheese and port in your kakigori? What about Chambord and cotton candy?

At Ichounoki, the last thing you’d expect is the first thing you’ll find. Boozy options abound, savory ingredients are expertly woven into the mix, and every tower of shaved ice that leaves the kitchen gets crowned with curious hand-made confection. Moons, butterflies, banana peels, and even flamingo pool floats find their way onto Ichounoki’s frosty treats.

The bowl that reaches your table inevitably looks absurd, but absurdity is Ichounoki’s signature flourish. For more kakigori stores in Tokyo, check out our full article.

1-28-14 Kitashinagawa, Shingawa-ku
5 min. walk from Kitashinagawa Station