9 Anime-Themed Pop-Up Shops in Tokyo Summer 2023

9 Anime-Themed Pop-Up Shops in Tokyo Summer 2023

The capital's sweetest offerings for the summer


If you have spent any amount of time in Japan, it’s safe to assume that you have developed at least some interest in anime. Tokyo is a great place to immerse yourself in everything that cool Japan has to offer. But finding places not crowded with tourists can be difficult, especially if you don’t speak a lot of Japanese. In a previous article, we listed five of the different Tokyo cafes featured in anime. But what about cafes that bring anime to you? We have you covered. We rounded up 9 of the best anime-themed pop-up shops and cafes happening this summer and listed them here below.

Strawberry and next to a strawberry themed desert

“Ohshi no Ko Exhibition Lies and AI” Collaboration Cafe

If you think you haven’t heard of Oshi no Ko, think again. Not only is this show incredibly popular for its raw portrayal of idol life, the theme song “Idol” by YOASOBI, has gone viral everywhere from TikTok to YouTube Reels.
This cafe has a lot of interesting food options like pink rice with dual-colored curry, Ai-inspired pasta, and desserts like purple sweet potato parfaits and the strawberry cake pictured above.
As per usual there are also a lot of Oshi no Ko goodies you can buy in commemoration of your meal, or just because you want some Aqua and Ruby keychains.

Cost: Entrance ¥1,000 Food ¥770 – ¥1,600 Shop ¥350 – ¥1,000
Where: Ikebukuro near the station
When: June 2 – June 25
Business hours: Cafe, 11am– 9:30pm(Dine-in last order 8:30am/Take-out last order 9pm)  Shop, 11am – 9pm
Notes: While reservations aren’t necessary, you might want to make one since it will probably be busy.
Menu and shop details.

“My Hero Academia” X SWEETS PARADISE

This anime needs no introduction, if the brand alone isn’t enough to get you excited about checking this place out, allow us to sweeten the deal. The food menu includes everything from Ochako-themed pancakes to Bakugo spicy tofu to Deku beno boxes. As for drinks, there are seven different themed juices for each character.
The shop is nothing to sneeze at either, they are selling posters, keychains, magnets, and more.

Cost: Entrance, Adult ¥1,490 Tax included, Child ¥1,040 + menu price and special gift Shop, ¥440 – ¥2,000
Where: Ikebukuro near the station, Machida near the station, and Chiba LaLaport Tokyo Bay store.
When: June 1 – June 30
Business hours: Weekdays, 11am –9pm Weekdays, 10:30am – 10pm
Notes: Again, it’s not required, but you can make a reservation using the Sweets Paradise App. Unfortunately, cosplay is not allowed at this event so your green Deku spandex are going to have to stay at home.
Menu and shop details.

Food menu and merchandise list

“Dr.STONE” X Collaboration Cafe Honpo

Blast to the past—or future, depending on which way you look at it—with this Dr.STONE themed cafe. For drinks, similar to the My Hero cafe, they are offering customized drinks based on your favorite characters. The food menu has things like Senku’s Raman and seafood curry.

Cost: Food, ¥1,320 Desert price ¥1,200 Shop, ¥440 – ¥1,500
Where: Akihabara
When: June 16 – July 17
Business hours:  Weekdays, 12:30pm – 10pm Weekends, 11am – 10pm
Notes: The bad news is that you need to make a reservation for this cafe, the good news is that it’s free! Timeslots are going fast so make your reservation quickly.
menu and shop details

sandwiches and dessert


It’s safe to say that SPY X FAMILY has taken the world by storm recently. Who doesn’t love a story about found family disguised as a spy thriller? You can expect food like Anya’s Exciting Berry Tart, Yoru’s Spicy Black Curry, and Lloyd’s Homemade Dinner at the Forger Family. As per the course, there are seven different SPY X FAMILY inspired drinks as well.
You can also buy merch like acrylic stands, vinyl-shaped record coasters, stationery products, magnets, and more

Cost: Differs depending on reservation.
Where: Jingumae, Shibuya
When: June 29 – July 29
Business hours: 10:30am – 9pm
Notes: The reservation situation for this popup can be a bit confusing. Once you make a reservation make sure you arrive 10 minutes early for a popup shop briefing. If you aren’t already a Tower Records member you are going to have to make an account to make a reservation. These tickets are going really fast so be sure to grab yours soon.
More details.

“Tokyo Revengers” X Bunbogu Cafe

Take any grievances you have with the manga’s ending and throw them away to soothe your soul at this Tokyo Revengers themed cafe. This place definitely has the most unique menu out of the other cafes covered on this list. Each set looks similar to the picture above. Each character has their own combination of ingredients that make up a dish that’s not quite a salad, not quite rice but something deliciously both.
The merchandise calendar is a bit complicated but you can expect to see things like character polaroids, character pins, stickers, acrylic stands, and much more.

Cost: Food, ¥1,500 – ¥2,000 Shop, ¥500 – ¥2,000
Where: Jingumae, Shibuya
When: June 1 – July 31
Business hours: 11am – 10:40pm (Closed Tuesdays)
Notes: Reservations are required but are selected on a lottery basis, so good luck.
Food and merchandise details.

dessert plate

“Golden Kamuy” X Sanrio Characters 

We’d forgive you if this is your first time hearing of the masterpiece that is Golden Kamuy. While the manga is well-beloved by many, the anime hasn’t taken off the same way internationally. That being said, what better way to be introduced to a story about truth, justice, and the psychological effects of war than through a cute Sanrio collaboration cafe?
Food options include Sanrio x Golden Kamuy pastries, french toast, parfaits, burgers, curry, and more.
Goodie options include everything from character spoons, to tote bags, to key chains, to wall posters, and more.

Cost: Food, ¥1,500 – 1,700 Shop, ¥440 – 3,080
Where: Ikebukuro near the station
When: June 29 to September 3
Business Hours: Cafe, 11am – 9pm (Food LO 8:30pm, Drink LO 9pm) Shop, 11am – 9pm
Notes: If you want to get a leg up on the other customers you are free to make a reservation but it’s not required.
Menu and shop details.

Not all anime-themed pop-up shops are cafes. Listed below are some merchandise-only anime-themed pop-up shops we’ve found.

“Seraph of the End” Japanese-style costume store at MAGNET by Shibuya109

A slightly older anime compared to the others on the list but a good one nonetheless. If your looking for an opportunity to grab some limited edition Seraph of the End items look no further. Items include, Acrylic stands, keychains, tote bags, and more.

Where: MAGNET by Shibuya109 5F
When: July 1 – July 17
Hours: 10am – 9pm
Notes: This pop-up shop is not first come first serve, they will hold a lottery on the day of for admission. Lottery time is from 10:05am – 10:15am.
More details.

Blue Lock characters in swim suits


If you consider yourself an anime connoisseur—or even if you don’t—and you haven’t read Blue Lock yet, what are you doing? Get off of this list and go read it. This soccer sports anime is often considered the “anti-Haikyuu!!” with its focus on individuality rather than teamwork. That being said the characters’ friendships and rivalries are what make the story stand out from the often repetitive monotony of sports anime.
Get yourself scarves, keychains, stickers, LED acrylic stands, and more at this Blue Lock popup store.

Where:  Yurakucho Marui 8F “SPACE4”
When: June 23 – July 2
Scarf, keychains, stickers, LED acrylic stands, and much more.
Hours: 11am – 20pm
Notes: Unfortunately you will need a reservation for this shop. Once you make your reservation make sure you show up 10 to 15 minutes early. It’s also important to note that if you bag yourself over ¥3,000 worth of merchandise you can join a lottery for the chance to win either a tall acrylic set, a complete postcard set, or a single random postcard (1 out of 4). You can also pay to enter the lottery.

“Horimiya” Summer Yukata Store in Ikebukuro and Akihabara

Horimiya is a well-beloved and detailed story and this popup shop really delivers on the details. Each item in this popup shop is high quality. It also houses some of the more interesting items like notebooks, keychains, photocard holders, cookie jars, and more.

Where:  Ikebukuro 3F  and Akihabara Building 1 1F
When: June 24 – July 13
Hours: 11am – 9pm
Notes: If you purchase ¥2,000 worth of products you will get a limited edition photo card. Click here for more information.