Creation, skill and beauty are at the core of Japan Art 28. With the goal of promoting Japanese culture abroad, the organization works with various artists and craftsmen to disseminate a stunning catalog of paintings, statues and other artwork on a global scale. 


One featured artist is Rin Terada. Born in Aomori, a prefecture known for its natural landscapes, Terada creates abstract paintings using gold leaf as a primary medium. Typically associated with deities and Buddhist symbols, gold has played a major role in traditional Japanese art and aesthetics for centuries.   

In his paintings, Terada weaves ancient techniques into modern, multilayered compositions with hidden meanings and transcendental dispositions. In addition to gold leaf, Terada incorporates silver and aluminum, as well as acrylic, oil and ink colors on silk, cotton and wood canvases. Encaustic techniques provide a three dimensional relief effect, giving his pictures structure and depth. 

Terada’s artwork spans a broad stylistic range, from natural representation to minimalist abstraction. The artist describes his objective as “not the creation of the motif, but the artistic expression and realization of it.” Free-flowing forms and bold lines convey themes of spirituality, creation and destruction. Striking juxtapositions of color and shape often breathe life into Terada’s beautifully arranged metallic landscapes.

Japan Art 28 aims to improve the social and economic circumstances in rural areas of Japan through the distribution of local arts and crafts, as well as inform the world about Japan’s culture, development, art and craft history. As a result, 10 percent of profits go toward the Tenson Foundation to provide educational support for children in need.

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