Goodman Service, a company supporting overseas workers seeking job opportunities in Japan, has created the world’s first ever walking recruitment ad. In hopes of becoming a gateway for workers from overseas and preventing the dip in Japan’s workforce due to an ageing population, Goodman Service has introduced a series of kanji tees (Japanese language t-shirts) that consist of job information from Japanese companies. This will allow both overseas workers seeking jobs in Japan and Japanese companies seeking overseas workers the chance to find a compatible match.

Kanji Job T-Shirt Ad blue tshirt recruitment overwork payment

You may wonder how they would be able to decipher the job information in Japanese. This, however, is the first step in the recruitment process—testing one’s ability to read the job information illustrated on the t-shirt. As kanji t-shirts have gradually become popular throughout the fashion industry abroad, the t-shirt will let Japanese companies promote themselves to not only overseas workers in Japan, but also those still abroad searching for a job in Japan.

Goodman Service introduced 15 different types of kanji t-shirts with various designs, each with different job descriptions. Jobs range from IT companies to resort hotels. Although the t-shirts are not for sale, a one-day only exhibition was held on December 15 in five different locations in Tokyo: Asakusa Silk Pudding Kaminarimon,Testarossa Cafe, WISE OWL HOSTELS TOKYO, Guesthouse Fete and WISE OWL HOSTELS SHIBUYA. For those who missed out, you can luckily download the t-shirt images online or simply visit their website for a job opportunity.