Our Metropolis Spring Issue is out now: Cycling Tokyo! Whether you’re a city cyclist pro or you’ve always wanted to give two-wheeled travel a shot but just didn’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered with our cycling tips, tours and stories. Plus, we’ve packed our pages with the latest Tokyo news, including a roundup of new vegan, organic and zero-waste hotspots in Tokyo, the most exciting upcoming art events, an interview with The Being Room founder Ria Scott, the surprising history of hay fever in Japan and much more!

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Wondering where you can find a free copy of Metropolis

Some of our favorite spots are:

Book 1st Shinjuku

Books Kinokuniya Tokyo

Brew Dog, Roppongi

Junkudo Bookstore Ikebukuro

Kinokuniya Main Store Shinjuku 

Maruzen Bookstore Marunouchi

National Azabu Supermarket Minamiazabu

Nissin World Delicatessen Higashi Azabu

Tower Records Shinjuku / Shibuya

What The Dickens Ebisu

HMV Shinjuku EAST

Soul Food House Azabu

Full list

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Prefer to avoid the Tokyo crowds? We understand it’s still not ideal to be out and about right now. You can read our full Spring Issue for free online, plus ALL of our previous issues at our Past Issues page. You’re welcome! 

What’s the Metropolis augmented reality feature?

What is augmented reality (AR) and why is it in a magazine? Unlike virtual reality (VR), which immerses you entirely in a new world or scene — usually with a headset — AR uses your mobile’s camera to add digital elements to a live view like an extra, digital layer to your physical world. 

In the Metropolis Autumn Issue, our Metropolis AR lifts the pages to a whole new level.  Hold your phone over our stories and watch as they jump to life, taking you deeper into the worlds of the wonderful people and places we feature. 

Even if you don’t have a physical copy, you can still use the AR experience on your desktop. 

Stay safe and have a wonderful spring season! Stay tuned for our Summer Issue in June 2021. 

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