R.I.P. John McClane

Bruce Willis just doesn’t care anymore. Once a top action star, of late he’s been renting out his famous mug to enhance B-movie posters, putting in about 15 minutes of screen time for a presumably fat paycheck. This time out, though, he appears in most scenes, but instead of elevating this trash, it just makes one depressed.

Members of a maintenance crew on a huge colonizing spacecraft en route to “New Earth” (the captain of which, played by Thomas Jane, wears aviator sunglasses – on a space ship) realize that there’s a malevolent alien presence aboard (now, that’s original) that “eats people from the inside out.”  Now, no movie with that line can be all bad, but this one gives it a pretty good shot.

Willis aside, this is so low budget and poorly made that it approaches Ed Wood territory, and not in a nice way. After turning most of the human crew into zombies, the alien morphs into a big fat lizard that’s about as threatening as Barney. But I’m being too harsh. Except for the acting, production values, special effects, dialogue, camerawork, originality, and denouement, it’s not bad. It would make a fine Bad Movie Night, but I strongly advise getting drunk first.

Jeez, Bruce. If you can’t respect yourself, at least try to respect your fans. Or just retire, fer crissake. (92 min)

Now available to rent or buy through Google Play and iTunes Store.