Color Out of Space

Technicolor, twisted

In an effective, low-budget and certainly colorful take on the old alien invasion theme, a multicolored meteorite smashes into the front yard of a farming family.  It soon becomes clear as the light begins to permeate the house, grounds and the minds of the family that mankind itself should be very afraid.

It’s a rare movie that can out-bonkers an unhinged Nicolas Cage and his unique acting style, which we sophisticated film critics call “gonzo apeshit.” It’s a perfect fit. Joely Richardson also does some fine work, at least until she morphs into… well, you’ll see. And there’s even a bit of off-kilter humor woven in with all the melancholy. 

This is the latest addition to the rocky filmography of B-movie sci-fi master Richard Stanley, a visionary who made Hardware and Dust Devil back in the early ‘90s, and who boasts an impressive list of disasters and unproduced films, most infamously The Island of Dr. Moreau. 

I suspect the author of the short story on which this is based, H.P. Lovecraft, would like this flick.

(111 min)