Cry Macho

Hangin’ with Clint

Mike Milo (91-year-old director/producer Clint Eastwood in the latest of his potential final movies) is a washed-up former Texas Rodeo star tasked by an old and long-supportive friend (Dwight Yoakam) to travel to Mexico and bring back his teenaged son (Eduardo MInett), who the man claims is being neglected by his alcoholic, amoral and possibly narco-connected mother. 

Along the way, when they’re not being sidetracked by mom’s thugs or corrupt federales, the two inevitably bond as Mike teaches the boy to ride a horse and generally straightens him out on what it means to be a man. Oh and Mike may have found redemption in a lovely cantina owner. 

Now, while I usually favor movies with a strong story line, there’s always room for a contemplative character study, especially one done with Eastwood’s skill. It’s comfortable; a hang-out flick. You know where it’s going, but it’s a pleasure to watch Hollywood’s oldest leading man and director get around to getting there. (104 min)