Dating Amber

Emancipation through friendship

Mid-90s Irish high-school kids Eddie (rumored to be gay) and Amber (rumored to be lesbian) hit on the idea of presenting themselves as a straight couple in order to quell until graduation their classmates’ endless speculation and cruel teasing.
David Freyne’s little indie works wonderfully, thanks to the spot-on, gutsy and authentic performances of Fionn O’Shea and Lola Pettigrew. Great chemistry. It eschews hyperbole and keeps storytelling as the focus. It’s also a kind of love story. I found the film a constant delight, with not a few belly laughs.
Note: Actor Billy Eichner did little for the LGBT cause recently when he blamed straights not showing up for his critically well received gay rom-com Bros tanking at the box office. Maybe he could learn a bit about hetero-friendly gay flicks from this little Irish gem. (92 min)