Komakata Dozeu


Komakata Dozeu has seen a lot since it opened for business in 1801. Yes, 1801! Asakusa’s Edo-era’s evolution into an entertainment district, several massive earthquakes and a world war. Along the way, it burned down time and time again, each fire only resulting in the rebirth of the same restaurant serving the same thing: dozeu. These small little pond loaches were the food of the working class and the taste of summer at the height of the Edo era. Rice field workers would catch the eel-like creatures at the end of their shifts and carry them home where they became meager family meals. At Komakata Dozeu, this tradition lives on. Accompanied by mounds of negi and a bowl of sweet, earthy miso soup, the tiny fish are simmered tableside over a wooden box filled with smokeless binchotan charcoal. Each bite is a taste of history.

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1-7-12 Komagata, Taito-ku
2 min. walk from Asakusa Station