Left Behind

Nicolas Cage hits new low in faith-based action flick

Nic, Nic, Nic. Didn’t they tell you that after you get an Oscar, you don’t have to do this kind of crap anymore? Okay, you have bills to pay, but a faith-based action movie? About the friggin’ rapture? Jeez Louise. Cage hits a new low as an airline pilot whose second-seater suddenly blips out of existence, along with all the world’s pure-at-heart.

Ham-fisted direction by a stunt man. ’90s screensaver SFX. The real sin of this plodding, profoundly moronic missing-persons whodunnit is its sheer amateurishness. But all this eschatology may have worked; I found myself praying for the unholy mess to end. (110 min)