Tokyo International Beauty Salon for Everyone

Tokyo International Beauty Salon for Everyone

All services- from braids to massages


Taking off your shoes and walking into PBE Tokyo is not your typical city salon experience. For one thing, the place is much bigger than you’d expect for a seventh-floor Shinjuku spot, with four different sections seemingly hidden around each corner. 

For another, the salon has a distinctly international feel to it. The staff members are all from different international backgrounds,  speaking a total of three different languages:  Japanese, English and French. The services are written everywhere in English, and you can ask all of your beauty questions in English, too. 

This is all thanks to the owner, who is passionate about creating a space where everyone feels welcome. She knows that it can be difficult to get the kind of hairstyle that you want in Japan without speaking the language, so by offering her specialist services in multiple languages, you know what you’re getting every time. 

The owner has lived in Africa, Europe, North  America and Asia (Japan), and over that time has been in the beauty business for 26 years. With experience in braids, hair extensions, cornrows, dreadlocks, foot spas, massage, nails and eyelashes, you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere in Tokyo with the same cumulative experience and variety of techniques as an international beauty salon like PBE Tokyo. 

When asked the inspiration behind opening the salon, the general manager Marie Watanabe said  “The owner loves beauty, fashion and business.  When you love something, sometimes you don’t have a reason. It’s just a passion, you know?” 

Watanabe’s enthusiasm comes through in everything that her team does. She and her specialist staff know that every client has different preferences, which is why there are so many different styles, colors, and extension options to choose from. Here, you can get a full head of braids, hair extensions, cornrows, dreadlocks, a  set of nails, eyelash extensions and your make-up done for a special event. 

But alongside the seemingly unending selection of hair, makeup, and nail services, PBE has even more tricks up its sleeve: Massages! In a secret section at the back of the salon are seven huge plush chairs, each with a basin at the feet. This is their professional foot spa. You lean back into what feels like a giant marshmallow and receive a full-body massage from the chair, along with a  special five-step foot care routine. The treatment starts with a foot bath, exfoliation and callus removal, a massage and cuticle care. All of this results in ninety minutes of pure relaxation for just ¥10,000.  

Needless to say, PBE is not your average salon. This is a one-stop shop for all of your beauty and relaxation needs. Whether you’re here for a cut and style, a fancy manicure, or a full-on relaxation session, be careful, because once you’ve been there for the first time, you’ll find it hard not to keep coming back. 


1-4-11 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku