Gem by moto


Gem by Moto
Gem by moto

With fantastic hole-in-the-wall restaurants and streetlights topped with glowing pints of beer, Ebisu is a district that begs for a boozy dinner date. GEM by moto, located in the northernmost outskirts of the neighborhood, is a whimsical dive that combines curious, world-class sake with imaginative tapas. While menu offerings can range from the mild mushroom risotto to the outrageous blue cheese and ham croquette, it is always a good idea to leave everything up to your server, who will expertly pair your sake of choice with its perfect snack partner. Following dinner, no evening in Ebisu is complete without a stop at Wine Stand Waltz, a microscopic stand bar hidden behind a mess of vine and foliage. Cap the night sipping natural wines and hand-selecting old vinyl records to play in-store.

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Gem by moto
1-30-9 Ebisu, Shibuya City
10 min. walk from Ebisu Station