Missing Link

Lovable legend

Sir Lionel Frost, a likeable but annoyingly self-centered 19th-century British explorer (voice by Hugh Jackman), aspiring to membership in a stuffy old-boys’ club that actively doesn’t want him, travels to Washington State to seek the Sasquatch (or Big Foot or whatever). What he finds is a large, furry and adorably literal humanoid oddly fluent in 21st-century Californian Valley-speak (Zack Galifianakis). 

Sir Lionel learns that what the lonely “Mr Link” wants above all else is to be reunited with his Himalayan Yeti cousins, a clan of which apparently lives totally hidden from the outside world in a place called…. Shangri La. They enlist the help of a plucky lady explorer (Zoe Saldana) because, well, gotta have a love interest, and the three set off for the top of the world. 

This beautifully animated film is less dopey than it sounds, thanks to a sharp script and decent storytelling. Films like this have to hit a sweet spot where kids will be entertained while parents will not be insulted or bored. Bingo.

Other voice talent includes Stephen Fry, Timothy Olyphant and Emma Thompson. Director Chris Butler’s previous credits include Kubo and the Two Strings and ParaNorman. (93 min)