Mom and Dad

“Family Feud” taken to a whole new level

Okay, who hasn’t at least once in their life wanted to murder a snotty teenager? Be honest, now. In this very dark comedy, a mysterious and unexplained mass hysteria causes parents in a bland suburban community to turn violently on their offspring.

The action in this disreputably fun, gonzo B-movie centers on a pair of siblings trying to outrun and outsmart (often using MacGyver tactics) their murderous parents. Said progenitors are played by the chronically underappreciated Selma Blair (excellent) and (who else?) Nicolas Cage, obviously having fun in yet another gleefully, operatically unhinged performance.

Okay, not for everyone, but it certainly gets points for originality, it’s never boring, and for the record, the violence is mostly off-camera.

Probably better if you go drunk. Take your kids! (86 min)