Forest of Regeneration Clinic Roppongi


Ever heard of medical tourism? With the decline of the recent COVID-19 crisis and the lifting of travel restrictions back in October, the number of overseas visitors to Japan has been rapidly increasing. In particular, “Japanese medical tourism” has gained significant global attention. Highlighting the prominence of this trend was the recently held Wellness Tourism EXPO, at which hospital staff, medical professionals and government medical coordinators gathered from around the world at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center. Among the exhibitors, Forest of Regeneration (Saisei no Mori) Clinic Roppongi generated a substantial buzz among visitors with its presentation of cutting-edge regenerative medicine.

During an exclusive interview with Metropolis, we had the privilege of speaking with this pioneering clinic’s director, Dr. Toru Kawamoto. Having obtained his Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Tsukuba Medical School in 1993, Dr.received minimal attention, with dietary and exercise guidance often limited to ‘lose a bit of weight.’ However, recent developments have highlighted the serious consequences of untreated fatty liver, which can progress to liver cirrhosis or liver cancer. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), which affect both alcohol consumers and nondrinkers alike, have gained significant attention. Since these conditions often coexist with other adult diseases like diabetes and hypertension, appropriate treatment is essential. While dietary and exercise therapy form the foundation of treatment, there are also drugs available that have shown promising results in suppressing liver fibrosis progression in NASH. Oral administration of these drugs, alongside NMN, a revolutionary anti-aging supplement, may prove to be effective.”

“The groundbreaking longevity supplement developed at our clinic, the domestic NMN supplement and NMN drip injection, has been attracting significant attention. NMN contains NAD+, an enzyme crucial for producing ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the intracellular energy source. NAD+ levels decrease with age, typically halving by the time individuals reach their 50s compared to their 20s. Increasing NAD+ through dietary means is challenging. However, NMN, in its precursor form, efficiently boosts NAD+ levels. NAD+ activation stimulates longevity genes and enhances ATP production, rejuvenating various bodily functions. It has been reported to improve symptoms associated with aging, such as muscle weakness, vision and hearing loss, forgetfulness, and menopause. Personally, I have experienced a sense of mental clarity, improved vision and hearing, relief from shoulder stiffness and fatigue, and enhanced memory. NMN may also offer benefits for individuals recovering from the aftermath of a COVID-19 infection. After administration, NMN components remain in the body for two to three weeks, making a drip infusion recommended every two to four weeks.”

Leveraging his extensive research in gastrointestinal cancer at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Dr. Kawamoto also offers cancer treatment consultations and proton beam cancer treatment for patients seeking care abroad. Driven by his expertise in Japan’s cutting-edge medical field, Dr. Kawamoto aims to cater to international patients and their families who have displayed a keen interest in seeking treatment in Japan.

Forest of Regeneration Clinic Roppongi’s overarching goal, both for domestic and international patients, is to restore a sense of well-being, recapturing the days of good health and enabling its patients to flourish in their futures. The clinic wholeheartedly strives to fulfill your aspirations.