Is it torture-porn? Sci-fi? Who cares?

A single mother is abducted, strapped to a gurney and tortured with spiders, her greatest fear. This is lame already, even for those who get off on female bondage. But this turkey goes beyond mere torture porn. Genre switch! Turns out her captors (which include Michael Chiklis and Peter Storemare) are convinced that if she reaches a certain critical level of terror, she will “rupture” (is this a pun on “rapture”?) and release the alien that dwells within. I am not making this up. WTF is Noomi Rapace (minus dragon tattoo) doing in this dreary, dopey and derivative drivel? And for that matter, can the insipid direction on display here really be by Steven Shainberg (2002’s memorable Secretary)? Not scary, not interesting, not watchable. (102 min)