Shadow in the Cloud

Best when very drunk

A young female pilot reports for top-secret flight duty aboard a B17 Stratofortress on a WWII Pacific airbase. Once aloft she must battle with a sneering crew of misogynist pigs, frigid high-altitude temps, attacking Japanese Zeroes, sabotaged engines, and last but not least, a really ugly CGI gremlin – all while toting a newborn baby.

Okay I get midnight movies. Over-the-top is an asset. But what the filmmakers here do not get is that bad movies are best when they’re unintentionally so, rather than tailored expressly for rowdy college kids. 

This one gets points for its fast pacing (the better to keep you from realizing how moronic it is) and a brief, 83-minute run time. And the expressive Chloe Grace Moretz does well in the physically demanding central role. 

It’s just that a creature feature might have a problem if the most plausible thing about it is the creature. (83 min)