On the Rocks

In this wispy, slyly emotional and highly amusing doodle from Sofia Coppola a young mother (Rashida Jones, daughter of Quincy) is just beginning to maybe suspect her husband (Marlon Wayans) might be having an affair when her international playboy septuagenarian dad (Bill Murray, a delight) sweeps into town.

Dad is a larger-than-life, charming and impulsive, and decides that they, father and daughter, should sleuth out the situation, leading to nightly, rule-breaking prowls around New York City. And you get to go along. While they turn up little but more ambiguities on hubby’s behavior, by the end they have rediscovered their own relationship. 

This is a gem of a movie; a hang-out flick; maybe one you want to keep around to re-watch when you’re feeling down. Unhurried, lived-in, warm, funny and comforting, it’s among the writer/director’s best work. Woody Allen will be envious. (96 min)