Tokyo Music Scene: New Releases September 2022

Tokyo Music Scene: New Releases September 2022

Your monthly dose of new music from Japan


We’re back with our monthly roundup of new Japanese tracks and in case you missed it, September was a doozy. Featuring long-awaited releases from artists such as UK-born, Tokyo-based electronic producer A Taut Line and the solo project of TAMTAM vocalist kuro as well as new releases from some of our favorite hip hop artists like Dos Monos, ODD Foot Works and Wez Atlas. Listen to our full August playlist here, check out our special mentions below and keep an eye out for live shows from many of this month’s artists around Tokyo later this year.


Four-piece pop-rock band YONA YONA WEEKENDERS released their new five-track EP 嗜好性 (Shikou-sei) this month. Featuring their last three singles as well as two new tracks, the new EP comes during a busy year for the band, with a sold-out performance at Liquid Room in June and heading into a national tour over the rest of the year. The new track 月曜のダンス (Getsuyou no Dance) lives up to its name as a dancier, more indie-pop-inspired track than some of the funkier, more city-pop-inspired tracks on the EP. Check out the YONA YONA WEEKENDERS website for upcoming tour dates. 

パジャマで海なんかいかない – Brazen Fire

“Brazen Fire” comes from the debut album of neo-soul band パジャマで海なんかいかない (Pajumi). Started as a solo project of keyboardist Kauhiro Bessho in 2019, the current lineup came together while working on the 2021 single “Blue,” and has since become known for their progressive and experimental compositions. The new album sees the band take a more collaborative approach to songwriting and “Brazen Fire” itself is led by a lofty and ethereal performance from vocalist Chloe, grounded by tight and percussive drumbeat from drummer Seiya. 

ODD Foot Works – Summer

Formed in 2016, ODD FOOT WORKS is the hip-hop project of vocalist Pecori, guitarist Tondenhey and bassist SunBalkan. Having attracted attention amongst hip hop fans and artists alike with their debut mini-album in 2017, they trio has since released three full-length albums, with their most recent release the 10-track Master Work, coming out in late September. Master work sees the trio double-down on their capacity for melodic hooks, particularly present on the tracks “I Love Ya Me!!!” and “Summer.” ODD FOOT WORKS will be touring in support of the new album for the rest of October with shows in Tokyo on the 6th and 20th. 

kuro – Jaded (feat. OMSB)

“Jaded” comes from kuro’s new EP, Hisui. Perhaps best known as vocalist and multi-instrumentalist from Tokyo-based band TAMTAM, kuro launched her solo career with her debut album Just Saying Hi in 2019 which featured a diverse range of guest-artists. The highly anticipated and long-awaited follow-up Hisui once again sees the artists collaborating with guests including rapper Campanella, OMSB and GOODMOODGOKU as well as bandmate Affee Takahashi. “Jaded,” which features rapper OMSB, is the lead single from the EP and seems to take a “less is more” approach with light yet polished production and an understated vocal performance from kuro. 

Dos Monos – Dog Eats God 

Hip hop trio Dos Monos, known for once collaborating with Taiwan’s IT minister, joined forces with sci-fi writer Yasutaka Tsutsui and theater actress Izumi Aoyagi on the new track “Dog Eats God.” The new track is the only one to be digitally distributed from their new limited and physical-only album dondeiudon which sold out shortly after its release party in early September. From the opening line “someone is fighting in front of our house,” the track is a staggering and relentless yet addictive example of what makes Dos Monos one of the most original and exciting groups in modern hip hop. Having had their international touring plans cut short after their 2019 debut album, Dos Monos are currently touring Europe with English experimental band Black MIDI, keep an eye out for show announcements later this year.