Something in the Dirt

Madly metaphysical mindblower

And now for something completely different. Geez, where to start? A pair of doofus neighbors in a decrepit Los Angeles apartment building think they are witnessing supernatural events when a large crystal they’re using as an ashtray begins to glow. They hit on the idea that they could maybe change their pointless lives and make a few bucks if they recorded their discovery and made a paranormal documentary.

So, they head down the cinematic rabbit hole. Things get darker, resentments develop, and answers become elusive. So, just your basic twisted, paranoid, conspiracy, sci-fi, buddy comedy/drama/thriller. With me so far?

The true crux of the story, however is not a sci-fi spoof, but an examination of the lack of personal meaning in some people that impels them to look for answers where there are none. Deep, no?

This ceaselessly inventive indie stars DIY filmmakers Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead (the demented duo behind The Endless, Spring, and Synchronic) who also directed, produced, wrote and edited. Their budget I would guess was about what DiCaprio gets for on-set refreshments.

Needless to say, it’s not perfect. It sags toward the end, and those not on these guys’ wavelength are gonna HATE it. But, bottom line, Hollywood benefits from mad, melted minds like these, and here’s hoping they don’t ever turn respectable. (116 min)

On theatres now.