Sorry We Missed You

Activist filmmaker Ken Loach’s (I, Daniel Blake; Jimmy’s Hall; The Angels’ Share to name just a few) latest is also one of his best. Sorry We Missed You is an intensely empathetic portrait of a hard-working, tightly knit family on the verge of collapse, the very definition of the “working poor,” in a scathing condemnation of today’s gig economy.   

They’re not lazy; they refuse welfare. She’s a rarely thanked caregiver; he’s a “self-employed, independent franchise owner” for an unforgiving parcel delivery firm. They work long hours, but financially their life is Sisyphean; one step forward, two steps back. 

Angry and unsubtle, this is not an easy sit. But it is never less than riveting, and it will stay with you.

December 13 (101 min)