Space Jam: A New Legacy

Air ball

25 years ago, Michael Jordan teamed up with Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes gang to go up against space aliens in a world-changing basketball game. It was a hoot. Now, in a perfect display of soulless corporate regurgitation, the geniuses at Warner Bros. thought it was time for a sequel (remake? retread? recycling?), tapping superstar Lebron James to star. James is stilted but game; I mean the only thing he had to do was be a better actor than Jordan. Oh, you decide.

It might have worked, had not WB, possibly fearing subsumption by the impending serververse, chosen to use the opportunity to crassly showcase virtually all of its big-deal franchises, Tunes or not, keeping Bugs et al mostly on the bench. The result is a candy-colored, overlong, messy monstrosity that’s a great big bore (unless maybe you’re under 12 and fascinated by light and motion), right down to the ultra-predictable, insipid “just be yourself” message. Is it all as bad as people are saying it is? Well, yes. (115 min)


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