Mirthless mongrel of a movie

A cute little mutt cruelly abandoned by his slob of an owner finds he’s not alone on the streets and teams up with other strays to get revenge. These canine commandoes then get themselves into several antic situations that give fresh meaning to the phrase “dumb animals.”

Let’s stop right here for a word about language. It seems the filmmakers here miss the point that while the F-word is great fun to say and to use to piss off certain people, it’s most effective when used sparingly, (For more on this, look up the excellent 2005 documentary on the subject, titled simply and appropriately “Fuck.”)

So I am totally at a loss to explain who this movie is aimed at. Only little kids, who reportedly base their movie preferences on light, motion and color, will find it at all diverting. But do you want your little ones watching something that drops F-bombs (and S-bombs and MF-bombs) about every thirty seconds? I’m no prude, nor am I easily offended. But there’s something deeply screwed up here.

The “jokes” are centered on penises and bodily fluids, and are relentlessly repeated. And to finish off; when your voice talent includes genuinely funny people like Will Ferrell, Jamie Foxx and Isla Fisher, it takes a rare talent to make a movie this unfunny. (93 min)

Check it now in theaters here.