The Exorcist: Believer

Unbelievably unredeemable

Am I missing something? Like a reason for new exorcist movies? Okay, the recent The Pope’s Exorcist, while not at all recommendable, was rendered watchable by Russell Crowe’s winking portrayal. But let’s be honest, there hasn’t been a good exorcist movie since William Friedkin’s genre-defining 1973 classic.

Certainly not this one. Two schoolgirls wander into the local forest and reemerge after four days, thinking they were only in there for two hours. Creepy, no? No. Well, of course they’re possessed. But why two possessees? This is what screenwriters do when they have no ideas. The dual-possession device merely adds bloat and ultimately dilutes any creepiness the film may have been able to summon.

Even trotting out Ellen Burstyn from the original film achieves little, since she’s only there for some false continuity and is given practically nothing to do. This is a scare-free, lazy, opportunistic film whose main sin is being a colossal bore that’s highly unlikely to result in any new believers. (111 min)

Check it out on theaters from December 1 here.