The Menu

Food porn doesn’t even begin…

The Menu Trailer

And now for something completely different. Margo and Tyler (Anya Taylor-Joy & Nicholas Hoult) arrive at a remote island to dine at an impossibly exclusive restaurant to complete an eclectic group of lucky diners. 

In addition to being insufferable, these foodies all have something as yet unidentified in common. Save for Margo, whose presence oddly upsets the place’s celebrity chef (Ralph Fiennes). A lot. And the film becomes a battle of wits between the two. 

I’ll not say any more for fear of spoiling any of the surprises in Mark Mylod’s deliciously vicious, hilariously wicked, knowingly over-the-top, eat-the-rich horror-satire. And it’s all surprises.

A cinematic palate-cleanser at a time when the movie business is all about profit over creativity. Not to be missed. Maybe eat afterwards.

Check it out on JustWatch now. (106 min)

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