AC House

AC House

A 9-course menu cooked without boundaries


Atsuki Kuroda knows how to throw a party. Inside his pocket-sized home perched on the soundless side streets of Nishiazabu, a twelve-seat kitchen counter becomes a window into another world. Kuroda-san cooks without boundaries; his preparation is concise, but his concepts are raucous. His signature dish, the second stop on his 9-course menu, is a boudin noir beignet blanketed in umeboshi(pickled plum) powder. It’s singular in its absurdity and unforgettable. The best part of each of Kuroda-san’s dishes is that you don’t experience them alone. There is only one seating per evening and everyone at the counter is served the same course at the same time. This results in a room-wide revelation each time a plate is presented.  Coupled with the fact the wine pairings are poured quite freely, it’s hard to leave without making new friends and new memories. 


2-7-7 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku 
11 min. walk from Nogizaka Station