The Secrets We Keep

Derivative drama of morals

In a small American city in the early 50s, an emotionally damaged Romanian woman (Noomi Rapace), a holocaust survivor now happily married to the town doctor (Chris Messina), one day spots a man (Joel Kinnaman) she is certain is one of the Nazis that raped and tortured her and killed her sister in the closing days of WWII.

She contrives to kidnap him, ties him up in her basement and proceeds to extract a confession (he claims he’s Swiss). Does she have the wrong guy? 

Director and co-writer Yuval Adler has done a lot on clearly a tiny budget. But it’s an uncomfortable sit, and by the time the lights come up, he’s failed to provide the gut-punch one expects from this kind of B-movie thriller. Nor is it always terribly logical, convincing or original. Always a pleasure to watch old “Dragon Tattoo” Rapace work, though. (97 min)