The Vanishing

This is a fictitious “inspired by true events” shot at explaining what may have happened in the notorious 1900 “Flannan Isles mystery,” in which three lighthouse keepers (Peter Mullen, Gerard Butler, Connor Swindells) off the coast of Scotland vanished without a trace. Things kick off when a rowboat washes ashore carrying a body and a chest full of gold. 

Kristoffer Nyholm’s edgy and foreboding movie is a bleak, exquisitely atmospheric and explosively violent little drama that gets under your skin. I’m not sure who to recommend it to, but I’m glad I saw it. 

Credit where it’s due dept.: Gerard Butler has not been my favorite actor of late. His “Fallen” franchise (Olympus, London, Angel) accounts for some of the most moronic action movies in recent memory.  But his dramatic performance here is impressive; making me think the real mystery is why he doesn’t try acting more often.

January 24 (107 min)