Theater Camp

For your inner misfit

When a scrappy upstate New York summer camp for teenage thespians (named “AdirondACT”) is faced with financial ruin, the oddball staff must work with the clueless son of the ailing owner to save the place.

Okay, that’s a pretty unoriginal story line, and you may consider yourself too cool for this thing. But don’t get out the hook just yet, because this tight little personality-based, big-hearted mockumentary all somehow works, thanks largely to the warmth and love poured into it by writer/directors Molly Gordon and Nick Lieberman, along with co-writers Ben Platt and Noah Galvin.

They’ve imbued their geek camp with a real sense of place and filled it with wonderfully eccentric characters. This is a smart and funny and sweet crowd-pleaser aimed at the geek within (and you know it’s in there), packed with rapid-fire throwaway jokes and sight gags. A look at creativity itself, and a reminder that, especially in the theater, it takes a village. Leaves you with a smile on your face. I had a great time. (92 min)