Hey, Siri!

In a near-future world where AI handles most tasks, Gray (Logan Marshall-Green), an amiable technophobe, is rendered a quadriplegic by vicious muggers who also killed his wife. In steps a reclusive billionaire inventor who offers Gray, on the sly, an experimental way to regain the use of his body: an AI spinal implant called “STEM,” which by the way gives him undreamed-of physical super-abilities. He of course goes after his wife’s killers, but don’t be too quick to dismiss this as a mere revenge flick. More I will not tell you. 

Aussie writer/director Leigh Whannell’s cyberpunk melodrama is unapologetic B-movie stuff, but its original concept and kinetic, gonzo execution kept me interested, and I did not see that final turn of the screw coming. 

Oct 11 (100 min)