Oedo Wadon 2019

Oedo Wadon 2019

Soba and Sake Festival


The Soba and Sake Festival is the best occasion to enjoy delicious teuchi (handmade) soba matched with traditional Japanese sake. This is not only a good chance to spend some time in the open air and in a beautiful location such as Yoyogi Park, but also to experience Japanese tradition through its cuisine.

Oedo Wadon 2019 Soba and Sake Festival at Yoyogi Park

Specialities at the festival include Izumo soba from Shimane, made from buckwheat seeds which haven’t been hulled, the Okutama natural wasabi soba from Tokyo and Echizen soba topped with grated radish from Fukui Prefecture. Beyond these, another 15 booths bringing signature soba dishes from all around Japan will be ready to take your order. To top it all off, each bowl is only ¥700, so bring an empty stomach and get ready to gorge.

If you need a break from soba, a variety of local gourmet dishes from across the country will also be served. To accompany these great dishes, you can taste and compare a whopping 100 sake brands coming from all over Japan. Whether you’re a heavy drinker or prefer to sip lightly, this is the ideal place to indulge — and with the price for one cup going from ¥300 to ¥500, this is a chance you shouldn’t miss out on. This vast selection also includes special sake brands which are rarely exported, so get ready to jump into the deep end and celebrate one of Japan’s most beloved products.

Oedo Wadon 2019
June 12 – June 16

Wed – Thu (11am – 8pm)
Fri (11am – 9pm)
Sat (10am – 9pm)
Sun (10am – 6pm)

Yoyogi Park Event Open Space
2-3 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku