Podcast: Metropolis On Air 3

Podcast: Metropolis On Air 3

Interviews with Baye McNeil, also known as Locohama, Koichi Nishigaki, plus unusual soft drinks, making reservations in Japanese, and more.


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In this episode of our weekly podcast, we’re joined Baye McNeil, also known as Locohama, author of two books about life in Japan—“Hi! My name is Loco and I am a Racist,” and “Loco in Yokohama”— and a writer for The Japan Times. We also sit down with Koichi Nishigaki of Crest Cafe to discuss his upcoming charity walkathon to support the children who are feeling ongoing effects of the Tokohoku disaster in conjunction with the NPO Apricot.

In addition to our two feature interviews, we have an Editors’ Summit in which we explore the many unusual flavors of Pepsi—and other drinks—that descend upon Japan. In audio Lingoist we show you how to make reservations, and we also make a few trips to Classifieds Corner.

This week’s segments were recorded at under the atrium at Tokyo Midtown and beside the pond at Hinokicho Park.

C Bryan Jones

Baye McNeil and Koichi Nishigaki

Editorial Team
Martin Leroux and Momoko Mochizuki

Classifieds Corner
Davi Azevedo

Editor and Producer
C Bryan Jones

Moshi Moshi Nippon / Moshi Moshi Box
Bathing Line

Interview: Baye McNeil (Locohama) (00:02:39)
Moshi Moshi Box (00:22:09)
Classifieds Corner (00:24:59)
Lingoist: Making Reservations (00:25:31)
Pocari, Calpis, and Unusual Pepsi (00:26:56)
Bathing Line (00:40:51)
Classifieds Corner (00:42:42)
Interview: Koichi Nishigaki (Apricot/Crest Cafe) (00:43:16)
ARC (00:55:46)
Classifieds Corner (00:58:07)
Closing (00:58:48)

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