Nature meets luxury in Niseko, Hokkaido 


You might know Niseko for its famous ski resort and Michelin-star restaurants, but as the snow melts away to reveal lush flora, it also reveals a luxury renovated kominka (Japanese farmhouse) villa. In the wintertime, the beautiful hotel SHIGUCHI becomes a winter wonderland as you soak in a steaming onsen, but the summertime offers much more—from summer menus to bike rides. 

SHIGUCHI is no stranger to the eclectic list of luxury hotels in Niseko. Shiguchi’s Gallery Stay is one-of-a-kind, steeped in aesthetics and philosophy, with every room tailored towards a minimalistic approach to luxury, hence the name. Shiguchi means the Japanese architectural method of joining wood to wood without nails or screws. Similarly, SHIGUCHI exists as a place where guests can connect unconditionally with others, nature, art and themselves without the distractions of city life. 

Artworks created by the founder, Shouya Grigg, are displayed in each villa, while the “Somoza Gallery” in the restaurant features artwork curated with the surroundings of Hokkaido in mind. Marking its first anniversary, a kominka (traditional wooden house) has been relocated from Aizuwakamatsu in the Fukushima Prefecture to extend the space of the gallery and restaurant. Its menu includes fully sustainable meals and cooking methods that pay respects to the Jomon and Ainu cultures that are indigenous to Hokkaido, so you can fully experience the traditional food local to this corner of Japan. 

If you’re looking to unwind both your mind and muscles, SHIGUCHI has a spa inspired by the concept of earth, fire, wind, water and void, the raw essence of nature you can’t find in Tokyo. Two private salons are equipped with changing areas, toilets, showers and natural hot spring baths, so get ready to soak in the lush green scenery and your bath. 

Looking for some activity to do during your stay? Rent an e-bike and coast down the tranquil country roads to the Goshiki Onsen and the Shinsen Pond. Return to the villa and explore the guest library with art, architecture and design books, classic novels and board games for your stay. If you thought that was all, you’re in for a treat. You can experience a private tea ceremony without the pain of navigating your way through the Tokyo train system. 

Shouya Grigg has worked on renovations of hotels and restaurants while working as an advertising production director, designer and photographer. Later, he created “Zaborin”, a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) in Niseko as a creative director. In May 2022, he opened SHIGUCHI as the second chapter following Zaborin, defining his life as a “trilogy.” 


78-5 Hanazono, Kutchan-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido