Susan Nichols

Susan Nichols

Founder of Yogitoes


Originally published on on July 2007


A Florida-born former actress, Susan Nichols found her passion practicing yoga, which led her to found the company Yogitoes. Her claim to fame is the Skidless mat cover, a favorite of celebrities around the world.

When and how did you start practicing yoga?
About 14 years ago, I got in an accident when I was still an actress. My doctor advised me to practice yoga as rehabilitation after surgery. I started this business two years ago, but I had no idea that I was going to be involved in the business aspect at that time.

How did Yogitoes get brought over to Japan?
It got transferred here pretty quickly after we started selling the products in LA two years ago. Los Angeles is a huge market for Japan. Many buyers go there to find the latest trends in the US, and that’s how Yogitoes was discovered.

While conducting workshops in Japan, did you NOTICE any differences between yoga studios here and in the States?
Last year I did my first yoga workshop in Japan. I’ve only visited two, so I can’t really give a clear answer regarding the differences in Japan and US. But one thing I noticed was that students here are really enthusiastic and very committed. People still think of yoga as a kind of exercise, and their goal is to lose weight. Although the actual purpose of yoga is being emotionally balanced, I think that whatever gets them to the door of this great lifestyle is important.

Please tell us about new products from Yogitoes.
Now we are selling Skidless Premium, which is just like the original yoga mat cover, but completely eco-friendly. We are also going to develop more products, like yoga bolsters, bags and outfits made of organic materials.

Could you give us some advice to Tokyo yogis?
Continue to practice! No need to rush, as you will never arrive. It’s an ongoing process. The beauty is all the lessons within the journey of this life.