Tequila Sisters

Tequila Sisters

Designers and authors


Originally published on metropolis.co.jp on November 2007


The Tequila Sisters, Mami and Miho Fujimaki, are product designers who grew up in Japan and fell in love with Mexico—and tequila—during three trips to the country.

How did the Tequila Sisters come about?
We both originally loved designing things and decided to start a business selling fabrics. Then we needed a name, so we came up with Tequila Sisters. It wasn’t planned—the name came after we started the business, but everything just fell into place.

Can you give us more details about what you do?
We create fabrics and mugs with Mexican-influenced designs, like avocados and cacti. We also make fun bags and small pouches using original fabrics. Last year we produced an event called Fiesta Mexicana, where we presented our work in collaboration with other artists., We also participate in exhibitions. Our favorite project was the one where we went to Mexico on a shopping trip, then returned to Japan and published a book called Mexico no Kawaii Design Tachi (“The Cute Designs of Mexico”), which was published by Piebooks in July (www.piebooks.com).

What are your plans for the future?
At the moment, we have a website where you can read our diary and enjoy beautiful pictures of Mexico. You can order textiles there as well. But we still want to add more features and update our designs on the site for everyone in the world to see.

Any new ideas you have, places to go?
We would like people to know about us, and about Mexico. We would like to bring more interest about Mexico to Japan.

Where can we find you and your products?
From time to time we take part in events, and shops also put our designs and goods on display. Check our website for news and information—and feel free to contact us by email. Please take a look at our book, too, which is full of Mexican love! See www.tequila-sisters.com for more information.