Paula Migueles Berwanger

Paula Migueles Berwanger is a Spanish-Brazilian actress, producer and assistant director, who grew up in Tokyo until age seven. In 2017, when she returned to Japan, she made her Japanese TV debut in NHK’s English language show “Omotenashi No Kiso Eigo,” as the character Julia. In Japan, the native Portuguese-speaker has also acted in French and Spanish, and worked as an assistant director in a Japanese language film.


I’m waiting for Shoplifters to come out on DVD so I can watch it with subtitles (I still need them). I was happy that the Tokyo International Film Festival (held annually in October) featured subtitled restored Japanese Golden Age films.


Queen. I already loved the songs, but I got excited after watching the Bohemian Rhapsody film.


Yahoo’s free co-working space called LODGE.


If you are a freelancer: Caffice (café + office) in Shinjuku. They serve meals too. When jet lagged: Unir Café in Akasaka (24 hoursww + wifi + gourmet coffee).

Art exhibit

This year I went to the Leiko Ikemura exhibition at The National Art Center, which also has free exhibitions. But I like classical art the most, so I’m looking forward to the Kawanabe Kyosai exhibition at the Suntory Museum of Art (also the museums are five minutes from one another).


Bill Esper’s acting books got me to quit my job in a production company in Brazil and go study at his school in New York. In his memory, his books are back on my nightstand.