Tokyo Talks

Tokyo Talks

Every month Metropolis talks to a Tokyo resident about their cultural agenda



RHYME is an artist with a broad creative range — she DJs, composes music, models and writes 6D poetry that captures the souls of her audiences at various hip Tokyo venues. Her most recent creations include soundtrack music for an anime, “BANANA FISH,” and a collaboration with Japanese fashion brand WAWW which combines street style with Rhyme’s poetry lines. Her trip-pop music album Internet Girl is currently available on both Soundcloud and BANDCAMP.

Musical Story

Internet Girl is a bilingual approach to future-pop experimental music I developed while living and being influenced in Japan.


GINZA MUSIC BAR offers the best cocktails. Vinyl music in a stylish private setting.


STARBLINC is my favorite brand right now. All clothing is hand-sewn by Japanese and designed like 60s Mods.


TRUNK (HOTEL) is the only boutique hotel offering everything in a quaint area that is close to the center.


For music lovers in Tokyo, Mondo Grosso is quality Japanese pop music that sets the bar. The last two albums are exceptionally incredible.


Premarche Gelateria is a place for you if you like Messina or ice cream. It has a special vegan and full milk variety of ice cream mainly boasting Japanese authentic flavors. Hello natsu (summer).