Tokyo Trends: Spring Fashion 2024

Tokyo Trends: Spring Fashion 2024

Our list of the newest trends taking over Tokyo this spring


Monochrome schemes hemmed with articulate designs and flowers break free of the winter gloominess. Taking a step away from the bold and outstanding, powerful and sophisticated nuances stormed the spring runway scene. Here are the upcoming spring 2024 trends you’ll want to keep an eye out for if you’ll be visiting one of the leading cities of the fashion world this spring.

Modern Corsets

Credit: Jun Okada

Corsets have a long history behind them, dating back to 1,000 BC. Giving a little more room to breathe as the years go on, designers have been adding lace, flowers or the fullness of a skirt to portray the surprising versatility of these garments that can be styled up or down. Pull a corset over a button-up for a more modest and warmer choice as we enter spring, and don’t be afraid to play with the textures between the corset and its background, whether it’s lace and linen or silk with a blazer on top.

Power Shoulders and Blazers

Credit: Jun Okada

Traditionally drawn from men’s clothing, the sharpness of the shoulders was originally a symbol of equality. Drawing back on the oversized blazer trend, designers are revisiting this by adding airiness to every suit. Elevate your look with a belt, incorporate lace or flower prints, or match the color of your blazer to your pants for that sought-after quiet luxury look of 2024.

Monochrome Sets

Credit: Jun Okada

This season is all about embracing the daringness of femininity while playing with textures. Collared looks steal some of the focus of spring 2024, representing the co-existence of power and softness in each individual. Pairing that button-up with bottoms of the same color doesn’t have to refer to your dress pants and button-up, but it can mean a mini skirt and cardigan or blazer and sheer lace pants.

Physical Floral

Credit Fetico at 2024 S/S Rakuten Fashion Week

Flower prints are beloved in Japan, and here are some runway designs that let their inspiration run wild when thinking of spring. If you’re in love with these three-dimensional flower prints, try out a maxi dress coated in flowers or feel inspired by a bolder take on a Tokyo staple by maximizing the size of the print or deepening the color.

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Midi, Maxi

Credit Harunobu Murata at 2024 S/S Rakuten Fashion Week

Full-length skirts and dresses are always popular in the Tokyo fashion scene, showcasing a beautiful and feminine take on these garments. As the cherries bloom, you’ll see an abundance of these sought-after maxi skirts and dresses, making them the ideal choice for light spring attire. These garments offer a breath of fresh air in clothing, allowing you to pair them with whatever you prefer, while emphasizing individualism in your style.

What? Red!

Credit Murral at 2024 S/S Rakuten Fashion Week

Red was the power color of the fall/winter season that caught the eyes of countless designers, and continues to reign into the spring season. Head into any department store building in Japan in the past few years, and you’ll have seen that reds have been few and far between on the high street hangers. This is not so for 2024. While some collections see the deep, sensual red, a vibrant cherry color scheme storms the stages of the spring runway. This intimidating color can be seen in mediums that are more amiable to the fashion scene in Tokyo, such as high-neck or off-the- shoulder tops, or accents in monochromatic outfits.