Located right in the middle of the “triangle of style” formed by Harajuku, Shibuya and Omotesando, TRUNK(HOTEL) lives up to the reputation of its neighborhood. Trendy, minimalistic and arty, TRUNK(HOTEL) complex is composed of a hotel, a restaurant (KITCHEN), a bar lounge, a shop and an izayaka-like restaurant recently refurbished, TRUNK(KUSHI).

trunk kushi july summer kushiyaki

Tradition is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Shibuya. Yet, there is more to the district than its neon lights and this is what TRUNK(KUSHI) aims to disseminate by combining the modern hype of Shibuya with its unique culture, history and its local community.

The most popular item of the menu is the chicken ball skewers. Tender, juicy and tasty, they also come in a set of ten so you can share them with your friends or just satiate a big appetite. The chicken thighs and leek skewers are also highly praised. They are soaked in a secret tare sauce prepared a day in advance.

runk kushi july summer condiments

As explained before, kushiyaki covers all kinds of skewers, this is why the restaurant also offers beef and pork skewers. The beef skirt is a delight and complements, perfectly, Japanese pepper that you can find in the table condiments.

Kushiyaki is not only about meat. Unlike most izakayas, TRUNK(KUSHI) is also vegetarian-friendly. Indeed, you can order mushroom skewers, pepper skewers and more. In addition, some of the sides are meat-free as well like the fried veggie ramen with hachiko sauce.

The restaurant recently added set meals on its menu which are perfect if you feel indecisive in front of the large choice of skewers. They are all named after areas of the neighborhood — Cat Street ¥3,000, Onden ¥3,500 and Jingu ¥4,000 and features different combinations of skewers, shime and desserts.

trunk kushi july summer lemonade

Of course, a skewer restaurant would not be complete without a proper bar. TRUNK(KUSHI) offers a special 90 minute free flow option for ¥1,800 including shochu cocktails, sake and more Japanese drinks. A-la-carte options are also available.

As you may have noticed, TRUNK(KUSHI) is nothing like your orthodox izakaya but does not differ much in terms of prices — the average bill is ¥3,500 per customer. Fashionable, high-quality and local in atmosphere TRUNK(KUSHI) offers all the elements of a great evening.