TRUNK(LOUNGE)Tokyo, in many respects, is a confusing and complex city. On one hand traditional and historic and on the other modern and vibrant. Tokyoites are apt to embrace this dichotomy and look for environments where both concepts are situated side by side. It can be viewed as a compartmentalized city, but more and more people are looking for unity and harmony in their working and private lives.

Trunk Hotel, nestled between Shibuya and Harajuku, is a boutique hotel space which caters for the modern city-dweller. Sophisticated, stylish and contemporary, it is revolutionizing the concept of socializing by incorporating key societal elements into its space and products. The lounge bar, situated on the ground floor, is a hub of activity and allows patrons (for no charge) to work and relax in a peaceful environment which provides Japanese handcrafted furniture, a selection of artbooks, various artworks and the use of free wi-fi for those hard at work on their laptops.

TRUNK(LOUNGE)It’s a stylish and evolving lounge space with artwork and design concepts changing according to the seasons and a curated menu of drinks and snacks for customers. The hotel and lounge bar integrates five key elements — environment, local first, diversity, health and culture, with the aim of providing sustainable methods of contributing to society.

These concepts are visible in items such as the cocktail mugs which are crafted from recycled clay, cocktails created from local spirits, recycled materials which have been used for decoration and design and a keen focus on environment and health.

TRUNK(LOUNGE)Ryuichi Saito, recognized as one of the top mixologists in the world, is on hand to work his magic, making signature drinks such as “Getting Trunk,” a sublime fusion of Ogasawara rum and Hojicha tea, accented with almonds and delicate spices. Another favorite is the “Breakfast Whisky Sour” made from Dewar’s whisky, Earl Gray, lemon, egg whites, vanilla bitters and orange. It’s a beautiful and subtle homage to an English breakfast.

The bar has a perfectly balanced assortment of drinks, such as draft beer, sparkling wine, white and red wines, sake, shochu, soft drinks and bar snacks. There are several international employees on hand to help with any requests, and smoking spots located outside the lounge ­­— which is an entirely non-smoking space. The space also regularly organizes DJ events. Upcoming events and previous event information is updated on the website.

TRUNK(LOUNGE)Trunk lounge, then, is a microcosm of the city and of its environment. Changing, updating, evolving and creating, it’s an idyll in the city, and a place for respite and reflection and for fun and pleasure.



5-31 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0001
Tel. 03-5766-3210
Mon – Thur, Sun: 9am – 11:30pm (L.O. 11pm);
Fri, Sat: 9am – 0am (L.O. 0am)