Tokyo Trend Watch: Acne Studios

Tokyo Trend Watch: Acne Studios

Fashion in the spotlight for December 2023


Acne Studios Mohair Checkered Scarf (Vanilla/Beige/Lavender) ¥42,900
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After getting used to Tokyo’s sweltering summer, dressing warm this winter is a whole other fashion feat. You might be noticing plenty of trench coats and long boots, which are classic winter staples––and of course, the chunky scarf. While Tokyo is slightly warmer in winter compared to some other big cities in the world, you’re still going to want to layer up. Here we can turn to Scandinavian fashion, which adores layers with its minimalistic styles and neutral colors, bringing you an overall sophisticated look. Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, The Acne Studios chunky scarf is the perfect accessory for your winter fits.

Scandinavian fashion is all about neutrality and simplicity collaborating to create outfits that are all about staying timeless. There’s no worrying if this scarf will go with only a single style, and with a heavy focus on quality and sustainability, you’ll be kept warm until the winter thaws away.