It’s In The Stars Weekly Horoscope 

♥Love    ¥Money    ♣Luck


March 20 – April 18

♥♥♥ ¥¥¥¥ ♣♣

Much like your body’s eco-system, the galaxy effects a state of being. You have the chance to influence it, too. Venus sextiles Saturn this week, stabilizing the love and beauty you find. The Sun trines Jupiter to offer a great opportunity. It is not too large for you. It is truly yours. When Venus squares Jupiter a few days later, all is not lost. It’s just a temporary blip. Hang on.


April 19 – May 19

♥♥♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣

Sunlight blurs the edges, bringing a soft glow to your week. Even when planetary aspects are not super-charged, they’re in a state of increasing tensions, or releasing them. You’re finally headlong into Uranus. You may not know what’s going to happen, or when, but you can sense something’s afoot. Friends rally and soothe. Your own instincts and dreams steer your next step.


May 20 – June 20

♥♥♥♥ ¥¥ ♣♣♣

Ruled by Mercury, you’re happiest in the midst of interesting conversations. Keep those lively minds near you, or your week could feel flat. At the moment, Venus indulges, adding beauty and comfort to your home. Pluto and Saturn may be at odds, due to costs and time involved. Your way out is the courage of friends, and the strength of your associations. Success is yours!


June 21 – July 21

♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣♣

The unpredictable quality of this week keeps you on your toes. It may not be comfortable, but Uranus, planet of spiritual shake-ups, has your best interests in mind. This means regardless of how things look, you have planetary assistance to get through it. Your career receives blessings. The Sun, Vesta, and Chiron in this sector of your chart soothe the way. Breathe it all in!


July 22 – August 22

♥♥♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣

Not every event catches your attention. This week lights up hopes and dreams to balance each day. If you want a boost, go where you are known and appreciated. If you don’t need anyone right now, Venus sextiles Saturn. You can stabilize the beauty (and money) you require. Your dedication has a tendency to make you wait until your work is done. Take breaks.


August 23 – September 21

♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣♣♣

Wonder if your hard work is worth it? Do you over-extend yourself checking details, knowing most won’t even notice? Luckily, your gift is the ability to take infinite bits of information, and make the big picture come alive. You connect the dots. Without you, life would definitely not be as smooth! Venus sextiles Saturn. Enjoy small pleasures that take you to a larger arena.


September 22 – October 22

♥♥♥ ¥¥ ♣♣♣♣

This is a more intimate week. You may look at the specifics of your likes and dislikes. Where you live, work, and qualities required in a relationship are on the hit list. The Sun, Vesta, and Chiron are in your sector of co-habiting. Libra’s symbol depicts the scales of justice. It’s also known as the yoke of marriage. Venus sextiles Saturn to lovingly stabilize the choices you make.


October 23 – November 21

♥♥♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣

Guidance is not something you usually look for. You tend to sense the undercurrents on your own. However, there are star-based aspects to increase your finances this week. Checking with an expert is a positive. Venus sextiles Saturn. Money, and feathering your nest, is a more concrete reality. Results are within reach. The Sun trines Jupiter to spike up your income.


November 22 – December 20

♥♥♥ ¥¥¥¥ ♣♣♣

Finding it hard to concentrate? It may not all be you. Jupiter in your sign brings opportunities  from every direction. Including distractions! It’s only in Sagittarius once every twelve years (for about a year), so take hold of offers you receive. Venus sextiles Saturn. Consider what you must do to create comfortable, long-term stability. If you want it, you can do this!


December 21 – January 18

♥♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣♣

Powerful dreams are no accident. Jupiter in your solar twelfth house expands your subconscious mind. You’re picking up on your connection to the greater whole. If it seems unfair that some may be out of reach, it’s to prepare you. If you like what’s happening, breathe easy. You’ll be feeling the reality next year. Venus sextiles Saturn, helping you enjoy right now a little bit more.


January 19 – February 17

♥♥♥♥ ¥¥ ♣♣

You may not agree with what’s happening, but your perception keeps you safe. Venus sextiles Saturn to bring financial dreams and beautiful locales closer. The Sun squares Pluto. You will have to stand your ground. An authority figure looms. It may be a firm you work for, or it could even be a partner. The Sun then trines Jupiter, offering your lucky break.


February 18 – March 19

♥♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣♣

Where did all your work go? Did it break up in a cyber tunnel of transmission? Did the cosmos take a byte, like a snack? This week holds spring magic. Venus sextiles Saturn. Beauty becomes a permanent fixture. This goddess of love and money is currently in your sign. Go past your daily comfort zone. Find something lovely and luscious. Let yourself live.