It’s In The Stars Weekly Horoscope 

♥Love    ¥Money    ♣Luck


March 20 – April 18  

♥♥♥ ¥¥ ♣♣♣♣

Jupiter offers power plays for you. You may not agree with what it has put you through – yet. It brings the great things you’ve ‘inherited’, just by being you. Since it’s retrograde, it pulls things away, as well. Mercury in Aries has an electric bump up to a higher frequency. As you stand your ground, others move to let you pass.


April 19 – May 19

♥♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣♣

Feel like you’re changing your mind a mile a minute? Or it’s changing itself, without your permission? The New Moon in your sign is a welcome respite from the erosion in your life. Uranus officially transits into Taurus the same day. Expect surprise connections to propel you to exactly where you want to be!


May 20 – June 20

♥♥♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣

Venus in Gemini smooths over the rough spots. There is joy and beauty to be found. The New Moon helps you sink into something plush (you may never want to leave). Uranus transits to this position on the same day. Your dreams are about to change, in a direction you hadn’t considered. However, they’re more in line with what currently sparks your spirit.


June 21 – July 21

♥♥♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣

While snuggly comforters and soft pillows help, expect this week to be out of the ordinary. The New Moon opens a doorway to unexpected friendships. On the same day, Uranus transits to this sector of your chart. Changes all over the place, fun events, synchronous meetings. It may be hard to concentrate, but the conversations will be wonderful!


July 22 – August 22

♥♥♥ ¥¥ ♣♣♣♣

Hold on! Or let go! Either way, it’s a different world for Leos. The New Moon starts a more productive career cycle. Uranus makes sparks as it transits to this sector of your chart the same day. Your natural leadership qualities help you make quick decisions if they’re suddenly required. Mercury connects in, to make sure inspiration flows and recognition follows.


August 23 – September 21

♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣

Wise choices you’ve made recently, thought to be practical, not glamorous, are now the best sparks on the block. The New Moon in Taurus is a spiritual one for you. Enjoy your gratitude list. On the same day, Uranus transits to this sector of your chart. Consider a long-distance trip, or reconnect with an important light from your past. The time is approaching.


September 22 – October 22

♥♥♥ ¥¥ ♣♣

Sweet dreams that have melted make way for something better. The New Moon this week unlocks precious parts of yourself. The same day, Uranus transits to the deep reaches of the same sector of your chart. You won’t mind the switcheroos it brings in. You have learned to trust. You know from experience that something broken is an invitation to begin something new.


October 23 – November 21

♥♥♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣

Changes you have been through are now put to the test. They highlight having fun, feeling free, and safely opening to new experiences. The New Moon is in your relationship sector. It begins a cycle of stronger connections, finding support and comfort within. If you’re single or wish for something different, you won’t have to wait long. Uranus transits there on the same day.


November 22 – December 20

♥♥♥♥ ¥¥ ♣♣♣

In any optional moment, you’re able to bounce back to the top. Whether pressures are internal or off-planet, freedom is just around the corner. You may be surprised how far you can stretch. This goes for your mind and feelings, too. The New Moon in your sector of work and health asks for attention. Uranus joins in, the same day. Balancing ups and downs will soon be the new normal.


December 21 – January 18

♥♥♥ ¥¥ ♣♣♣

Capricorn rules the knees. Although you’re a ‘traditional’ sign, being flexible makes all the difference. The New Moon starts a cycle you’ve waited for. (You didn’t want to wait, it was forced upon you.) It’s about love, creativity, children, and speculative real estate ventures. Uranus enters this sector the same day. The thrill-seeking side of you is about to break free.


January 19 – February 17

♥♥ ¥¥ ♣♣♣

You’re a deep thinker, able to keep your feelings in check. That’s unless you reflect your mirror-opposite, Leo. Then your heart is in charge, and there’s nothing you can do about it. The New Moon starts a cycle of true comfort where you live. Home and heart go hand in hand, with surprises. This, because Uranus joins in the very same day.


February 18 – March 19

♥♥ ¥¥ ♣♣

There’s no time to be sentimental, but it’s necessary, and nothing can stop you. How is this possible? The New Moon in your sector of conversations, travel, and sibling rivalry offers another chance. Uranus, planet of reversals, insights, and spin doctors, enters this sector of your chart the same day. For the next eight years, every moment may be a revelation.