Nishiazabu Mitsubachi Animal Hospital

Nishiazabu Mitsubachi Animal Hospital

Where your pet’s health, well-being and comfort come first


Your pet’s health is top priority at Nishiazabu Mitsubachi Animal Hospital. Located in the center of Tokyo, the team is proud to serve Azabu, Roppongi, Hiroo and surrounding areas.

Dr. Kanako Hachiya and her team treat each and every patient as if they are their own pets, and give them the same loving attention and care. The team is dedicated to providing the highest level of veterinary care along with friendly, compassionate and individually-tailored service for each patient and their human families.

Whether it is a routine check-up or an emergency treatment, the staff at Nishiazabu Mitsubachi Animal Hospital are quick to respond to your pet’s needs, and provide detailed explanations of any tests, medications, treatments or procedures before they are administered. With Dr. Kanako’s personal experience of living with six dogs and one cat, she understands how each pet is different, both behaviorally and physically. Whenever she suggests treatment, she takes each pet’s individual character, surroundings and lifestyle into consideration in deciding the best path of treatment.

Dr. Kanako grew up and attended school right from kindergarten to high school in Roppongi. She then entered Azabu University to study Veterinary Medicine. During college, she decided to participate in an exchange program at the University of Pennsylvania, where she completed externships in the United States. She enjoyed her time there, which motivated her to apply, to an externships for veterinary medicine at Cornell University. She was accepted, and relocated afterward to North Carolina, where she was a visiting doctor at a veterinary hospital. Upon returning to Japan, she spent around a decade as the branch director of a veterinary hospital in Shibuya before launching Nishi Azabu Mitsubachi Animal Hospital in February 2023.

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The clinic has advanced, state-of-the-art equipment, such as a cryotherapy device that can treat cysts and growths on the skin effectively and swiftly. Cryosurgery with Cool Renewal is a great alternative to scalpel removal and traditional liquid nitrogen methods for removing skin lesions. Treatment with Cool Renewal is minimally invasive, thus minimizing pain, bleeding and complications commonly associated with scalpel treatment. As a result, the animal does not need to stay in the hospital overnight, which saves on both costs for you and the stress that your animal may experience under anesthesia.

The clinic also has a vessel sealing device that is used during surgery to stitch together open wounds together rather than sewing them with string. They use this equipment during routine sterilization services for dogs and cats, as well as a wide range of soft tissue surgery such as lump removals, wound stitchups, splenectomy, gastric or intestinal surgery, bladder stone removal, and C-sections. This equipment decreases the risk of an allergic reaction and allows faster completion of the procedure, reducing the number of animals who need to stay overnight. This is especially important for pets who have separation anxiety from their owners, as some may experience worsening symptoms and other issues due to the stress caused by being separated from their families.

Speaking on particularly difficult cases, Dr. Kanako recalled two Schnauzers who had come from abroad and were living in Roppongi Hills. When they were left alone one day, they both ate their owner’s medicine. As a result, she had to pump their stomachs, but because it had been quite some time since they had first ingested the medicine, quite a bit had already been absorbed. This was a dangerous situation because human painkillers are exceedingly harmful to dogs and cats, causing damage to the stomach, bowels and kidneys, and shut-down of the digestive system. Consequently, the two Schnauzers were unable to eat anything, and were given nourishment by drip for a month. After a period of some uncertainty, they fully recovered and were able to go home.

Another interesting case she encountered was a New York-born English Bulldog who, upon health examination, was found to be showing early indicators of heart issues. The dog’s sibling also had the same heart problem in New York and unfortunately died at only 7 years old, but because Dr. Kanako was able to identify the signs early, this dog was able to live until 11 years old. Dr. Kanako received a lot of appreciation and praise from the owner for finding and diagnosing the heart problem so early.


In line with the above experiences, Dr. Kanako believes in the importance of frequent, regular checkups for all pets. Particularly as pets get older, it becomes more important to ensure they get the care and attention they deserve. Beloved senior-aged animals need more frequent checkups and tests to ensure they are healthy. One of the reasons they need additional attention from a veterinarian is because they are more likely to develop health problems as they age. At Nishiazabu Mitsubachi Animal Hospital, the team specializes in senior pet care and will work with you to ensure your senior pet is healthy and happy.

The team will welcome you with open arms to a wellness exam and are happy to help answer any questions or conduct exams for pets of any age. They will work with you to ensure that your pet is getting the care they need to live a long and healthy life.

Friday – Wednesday 10am – 1pm, 4pm – 7pm