X Generation Tokyo

X Generation Tokyo

An upscale venue for grooving to the ’80s


Randy Alford and Daniel Pellet of X Generation Tokyo (Photo Courtesy of X Generation Tokyo)

“What happened to people our own age? They disappeared,” says Randy Alford, co-founder of X Generation Tokyo. “People used to dress up when they went out. What happened to those people?”

These questions led Alford and co-founder Daniel Pellet to embark on a mission to serve the party-goers left behind by the current, electronica-inclined, often rowdy crowd of the modern generation. X Generation Tokyo aims to create an ambience directly catering to the generation of people born from the ’60s to early ’80s who still want to go out and have a good time—but want to do it dancing to music they grew up with, much of which has moved out of typical club rotation.

Alford and Pellet aim to get music lovers “into the groove,” so to speak, by playing ’80s classics to early-’90s dance gems, providing a venue for people to be startin’ somethin’  on the dance floor to the likes of Michael Jackson while hanging ten and reminiscing with friends both old and new.

The pair aim to provide a venue that’s, upscale, elegant and exclusive. Prospective attendees undergo a screening process, with admission on an invitation-only basis, ensuring that everyone who gets through the door makes the most of each event.

Pellet says that while age is important, the key is guests see themselves fitting in with the crowd and savoring the atmosphere that defines the spirit of Generation X.