The frosty summit of photo-friendly kakigori


Photo credit to Kanna, Tablelog カフェモカ男

Kanna, located across the street from Setagaya Park, creates a hip atmosphere fit for both relaxation and experimentation. Quiet, spacious and bathed in natural light, the setting is unlike any other kakigori shop you’re likely to encounter. The plating of the shaved-ice delights served at Kanna is equally mesmerizing. Don’t be surprised to see your dessert served in giant fish bowls and topped with a bouquet of edible flowers, Christmas wreaths decked for the holidays, or pie trays with dollops of whipped cream. New flavors and concepts appear almost daily, but it’s the signature purple sweet potato milk kakigori that has emerged as an Instagram sensation. A mountain of ice with a snowcap of thick purple frosting, this dessert–much like Kanna itself–might be the summit of photo-friendly kakigori creation.

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2-43-11 Shimouma, Setagaya-ku
13 min. walk from Sangen-jaya Station
Instagram @wa_kitchen_kanna