Yokohama Country & Athletic Club

Yokohama Country & Athletic Club

The community you’ve been longing for


The ending of the honeymoon phase for life in the Greater Tokyo Area hits hard and fast, especially as a foreigner. As you cross off the last few destinations on your tourist bucket list, you may realize that those spontaneous trips to Shibuya don’t excite you anymore. You now yearn for a place where you fit in, somewhere that reminds you of back home, a community. That place is the Yokohama Country & Athletic Club.

YCAC field

Located in the heart of Yokohama’s Naka-ku, the Yokohama Country & Athletic Club (YC&AC) is Japan’s oldest sports and social club, with its origin going back to 1868. However, don’t let its age and name confuse you. Despite the typical country club stereotypes of luxury, exclusivity and middle-aged men sporting khaki shorts and polos, the focus for YC&AC is and always has been on sports and building communities.

james mollison, founder of Yokohama Country & Athletic Club
While other sportsmen were content simply to play their sport, Mollison dreamed of creating a proper cricket ground.

Arriving months after the Great Yokohama Fire of 1866, Scotland native and devout cricketer James Mollison was greeted to a Japan that was less than inviting and in ruins. Witnessing the already existing foreigner sport clubs playing on any patch of land they could get their hands on, Mollison had much higher standards for his beloved sport and established the Yokohama Cricket Club with the help of a few friends. 

As time went on their simple, clubhouse-less organization grew, absorbed other local sport clubs, moved three times and evolved into the YC&AC that we now know. From baseball and rugby to tennis and cricket, almost every western sport played in Japan today can trace its roots back to the small foreigner community in Yokohama and the YC&AC.

Now, the YC&AC exemplifies the type of community the founders sought as one of the primary hubs for family friends, international relationships and true sportsmanship. Whether you’re signing up for English-friendly sport clubs or just looking to take advantage of the amazing programs and events, members can enjoy a plethora of benefits and facilities:

  • Open-air swimming pool
  • FIFA-certified pitch
  • Kids and youth sports
  • Tennis, basketball, badminton and squash courts
  • Table tennis
  • Billiards room and darts
  • Bowling alley
  • Fitness Center
  • Dance, yoga and massage studio
  • Fitness instructors, trainers and physiotherapist
  • International dining at the Mollison’s restaurant
  • Members areas, a sports bar and more…
  • And more…

Whether it’s to take advantage of the facilities, relax in an English-speaking environment or find your home away from home, visit the Yokohama Country & Athletic Club to become a member of the Club that welcomes people from all countries and walks of life. Reach out now to schedule your free tour and witness first hand all YC&AC has to offer.

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(045) 623-8121
11-1 Yaguchidai
Naka-ku, Yokohama