The entertainment begins at the entrance. While the basement first floor contains the bare essentials—a locker room, smoking area and ticket booth—a sleek ambiance exudes all the way to the stairs plunging down. A racetrack of overhead lights leads guests onwards to the pièce de résistance—a svelte, dark black escalator surrounded by mirrors and neon strips, creating an infinity room transition between floors that is as photographic as it is mesmerizing. 

The whole building is interconnected, functioning like a complex ecosystem—elevators whisk hotel guests directly to the venue, buses charter back and forth between both of Tokyos airports to smooth out the travel experience, and even the art concepts infused in ZEROTOKYOs designs effortlessly overlap with those at the highest floors of Tokyu Kabukicho Tower. The prehistoric-esque mural that shines as the centerpiece in the R Bar, located on the second floor of the basement, acts as the earthy base to the buildings top floors, which were meticulously designed with themes of sky and openness. Decorated with earthy colors and tribal music notes hidden into the overlapping design, the R Bars mural took over one month to create, and flawlessly pairs with the fixtures cascading from the ceiling and the smooth, unbroken sweep of tile that continues from floor to bar.

Despite the action stretching out across all four floors, theres a tangible connection between each element. During the day, the majority of event spaces are kept clear to ensure easy operation for the live shows, but at night, tables and seating spill over into the hallways, encouraging guests to enjoying relaxed drinks and conversation wherever they wander. Heading down the stairs to the third basement level leads to a more secluded lounge area, adored with custom-sourced rotating sculptures, private seating, and VIP seating during the daytime live music events.

The heart of the excitement lies at the deepest level of the venue. The stage is the undeniable centerpiece, where musicians perform during the day and DJs jam during the night, framed by a full-wall screen with video projections. Full-service lighting acts as both theater spotlights and atmosphere-boosters, flashing as the beats drop with various colors and rhythms. More than one thousand people can comfortably fill the space, drinking, dancing and developing unforgettable memories of Tokyos nightlife. 

zero tokyo

ZEROTOKYO keeps a packed schedule. Energetic events and a myriad of live shows are held during the day, where the space is kept bright and lively. At night, the lights pulsate with a range of hues—deep red, vivid blue, vibrant green—and music overflows from all areas. The line-up rotates, hosting everything from techno and trance one day, to house and hip-hop the next, fostering the sub-culture music scene in Tokyo. Guests have the option to switch between elegant bars, intimate DJ rooms, upscale VIP lounges, and immersive, open-floor dance spaces.

The high-class design details, the variety of sounds into which guests can submerge themselves, and the vastness of the space—even in the most innocuous of spots, like the bathroom or the staircases—are an appeal irresistible to both visitors and residents alike. 

For daytime sounds and nightlife adventures, ZEROTOKYO—and the entire expanse of Tokyu Kabuckicho Tower—shine as a dazzling testament to Tokyo’s limitless energy and creativity. It’s a place where every corner holds the promise of innovation, exhilaration, and adventure. 

This Halloween, ZEROTOKYO will be hosting a massive four-night event called “PINK HALLOWEEN.” Head their official website for details.