Toranomon Hills Station Tower Officially Opens

Toranomon Hills Station Tower Officially Opens

A full-fledged international hub sought by creatives


The Mori Building Co., Ltd. proudly announces the completion of its Toranomon Hills Station Tower—a 49-floor multipurpose building in central Tokyo that fosters diversity, creativity and global connections. This impressive 250-meter-tall tower opened its doors to the public on October 6.

Station Tower, Photo by The Boundary

Standing as one of Tokyo’s tallest business complexes, it provides dynamic platforms for individuals and businesses to collaborate and thrive. The tower encompasses five distinct areas: retail facilities housing approximately 70 stores, Hotel Toranomon Hills—the first of Tokyo’s Unbound Collection by Hyatt, two dedicated office spaces and Tokyo Node

The multipurpose space, located on the top floor with commanding views of the city boasts an infinity pool, an open-air garden and four unique food and beverage establishments ranging from casual dining to the Michelin-starred “Kei Collection Paris,” helmed by Chef Kei Kobayashi. The space also houses two art galleries, Tokyo Node A and Tokyo Node B. The former features a dome-shaped ceiling, creating an immersive 360-degree experience, while the latter boasts an expansive area of 1,020 square meters. The eighth floor is home to “Tokyo Node Lab”—a collaborative space where creators and innovators can bring their visions to life. Tokyo Node welcomes individuals with bold aspirations and ideas.

Tokyo Node Infinity Pool, Photo by DBox for Mori Building

Hotel Toranomon Hills also offers an open lounge with breathtaking city views, well-equipped meeting rooms, relaxation areas and shower facilities. Featuring 205 inviting rooms that seamlessly blend Scandinavian and traditional Japanese architectural elements, the hotel creates a warm and inviting interior ambiance. Hotel Toranomon Hills is slated to open its doors in November 2023.

Hotel Toranomon Hills Lounge, Photo from Official Website

Pay a visit and join the international hub and business community at the Toranomon Hills Tower Station whether it be to have a bite in one of the many restaurants, go shopping, go to work or simply see the staggering view from the 49th floor. 

Toranomon Hills Tower Station Office, Photo by DBox for Mori Bldg